Training to unlock your IT team’s potential

System downtime can have a serious, and often detrimental, impact on your organisation’s service offerings, your citizens and community, and the business reputation of your organisation. Capita Technical Services can ensure that your IT staff are operating to the best of their skills with knowledge gained from leading public sector, IT professionals. Undergoing effective training will increase the productivity and efficiency of your Capita software systems, as well as giving your team the ability to identify any problems as they occur, eliminating reliance on outside resources and knowledge bases.

Invest in your team

Courses available from Capita Technical Services are intended for staff who are responsible for the maintenance of your organisation’s Capita software systems. The aim of the courses is to provide basic knowledge of the functions and role responsibilities of the Capita systems database administrator. The course employs demonstrations and workshops to reinforce the course content.

Courses available:

  • Capita Housing Database Administration for UNIX
  • Capita Housing Database Administration for Windows Server
  • Capita Revenues Database Administration for UNIX
  • Capita Revenues Database Administration for Windows Server
  • Ingres Troubleshooting for UNIX
  • Ingres Troubleshooting for Windows Server
  • Ingres Visual Tools for UNIX
  • Ingres Visual Tools for Windows Server
  • A Real Introduction to UNIX
  • The UNIX Shell and Shell Scripting

There are a number of benefits to receiving training from Capita Technical Services

  • Increased productivity and reliability from staff and systems
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of running of Capita systems
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased skills and knowledge base of in house technical staff

Make sure you find out how training from Capita can improve the system and service reliability at your organization.

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