Shared Services in local government

Join forces and share resources with a successful shared service partnership

Enabling local authorities to enjoy all the benefits that joining forces with other like-minded organisations can bring.

There is a wealth of knowledge within the marketplace indicating that shared services can make a very real and positive difference to how local government services are delivered. As the leading provider to revenues and benefits shared services within the UK, Capita is perfectly placed to help local government organisations experience the benefits that carefully planned shared service partnerships can bring. By sharing certain back-office systems with other local and district authorities, your organisation could be set to enjoy not only lower costs and use of resources, but the ability to provide your citizens with improved service delivery, more communication channel options, and better, faster customer service.

As a leader in the field, we can help you plan, implement and benefit from shared services

All local authorities are facing the dilemma of how to change to deliver better services while spending less money – and fast. Doing nothing is not an option. But sharing services certainly is. 

Capita is the leading provider to revenues and benefits shared services within the UK. We are helping local authorities up and down the country join forces and share resources to transform their service delivery while saving money. With the right partner by your side, sharing services with other local authorities can become a successful reality.

Tangible tools to help you explore the options

We recognise that the notion of sharing technology and costs with outside organisations can appear complex at best, and fraught with risk at worst. But the reality is that sharing services can make organisations more, rather than less, robust by giving them more financial security as well the benefit of sharing good practice and expertise with like-minded entities. 

We offer some options to help smooth the discovery process:

  • As part of our commitment to our customers and helping to further develop shared services within local government, we can offer self-funded and risk-reward projects.
  • Once you are committed to the concept of back-office shared services, we will come in and, for free, work through the detail with you and your potential partners in joint project planning sessions. What are the objectives? The objections? The possible saving? The shared vision? Where are the risks? What’s the timing? What’s the potential financial investment? Together we can explore the possibilities and potential pitfalls.

Embrace shared payment services to evolve customer choice and reveal further savings 

Built upon the mantra of ‘doing more with less’, sharing payment services offers a range of benefits and economies of scale only achievable through joining together and sharing software and technology with like-minded organisations.

  • Our highly flexible and configurable solutions not only provide a secure payment collection service - they also extend your customers’ choice.
  • Enjoy efficiency gains not achievable via the majority of other providers, due to cheaper and consolidated card processing rates, reduced IT support and skill requirements, and shared upgrade and maintenance fees with partner organisation(s).

5 key benefits:

  • Opportunity to deliver better front-line services to your customers for less – helping you meet the over-riding challenge set by central government
  • Share expertise and good practise while forming strong relationships with organisations that share your objectives
  • Ability to set up shared payment schemes which optimise efficiency and admin costs while also boosting the choice you provide to your customers
  • Potential to significantly decrease your costs relating to a wide range of back-office services in a sustainable way
  • Free pre-sales consultancy offers the opportunity to have facilitated in-depth joint planning sessions with potential partners before we start building the platform
“Our revenues and benefits partnership proves that it is possible to do things at a lower cost while improving performance, with in excess of £1m worth of savings achieved so far. The strength of our partnership with Capita has undoubtedly contributed to our success.”
Stuart Dawson, revenues and benefits manager, Revenues and Benefits Partnership, South Dorset