Increasing collection

Maximise collection rates with a set of dedicated revenues and benefits modules

Increase collection and recovery with a set of modules tailored to capture, process and action your customer data more effectively and efficiently

The pressure on maximising collection and recovery has never been greater. Now there are ways of making the processes involved less time-consuming and more productive. Our collection and recovery modules have been designed specifically with revenues and benefits teams in mind. They are already helping many local authorities improve collection rates, reduce overpayments and manage their debt and arrears more effectively. They are achieving this by improving the quality of the data captured, streamlining the way it is processed, and giving citizens better options for payment and data updates.

Our integrated modules are helping local authorities increase collection rates, decrease overpayments and manage debts more productively

Maximising collection rates - whether of council tax, business rates or benefit overpayments - is a top priority for all revenues and benefits departments. 

But recovering benefits overpayments and sundry debts can be a difficult and time-consuming activity. In addition, with Council Tax Support meaning many citizens are now having to pay some council tax for the first time, council tax collection has become more of a challenge. On top of that, the business rates retention scheme means it is in the interest of every local authority to collect as large a proportion of non-domestic rates as possible. 

A set of proven modules helping revenues and benefits teams work faster and smarter

Our revenues and benefits solution includes a range of integrated modules purpose-built to help local authorities increase efficiency in collection and collect the maximum amount possible.

  • Faster, more accurate billing is made possible by having the ability to quickly identify and correctly record properties - whether new builds, vacant dwellings or changes in non-domestic composition. Accuracy in household composition is also catered for.
  • Dedicated software enables more effective targeting and tracing.  
  • Citizens are offered easy ways to pay their bills and update their information online, while behind the scenes data is captured and processes are automated wherever possible – reducing admin time while improving accuracy and efficiency. 

Read about some of the modules here:

  • Arrangements Manager – makes it easier to create and monitor special payment arrangements of council tax and business rates debt.
  • Absconded Debtor Tracing - enables local authorities to find debtors and chase up debts that would otherwise be written off. 
  • Recovery Targeting - provides revenues recovery teams with the means to easily differentiate between consistent poor payers, and those who may simply be a few days late paying. It also automatically produces reminders and other documentation incorporating appropriate wording and actions.
  • Enforcement Analysis - provides graphical information on debts post summons or warrant, with drill-through to individual accounts or recovery actions. This helps organisations understand the effectiveness of differing recovery methods as well as identify debts that are stagnating and becoming harder to collect.
  • Debt Management – a module that integrates with our benefits system and enhances the recovery of benefit overpayments.
  • Blameless Tenant Recovery - enables overpayments to be deducted from ongoing payments to landlords. Detailed statements ensure landlords have all the information they need to balance their rent accounts and monitor ongoing recovery.
  • Modelling toolkit - provides you with functionality to quickly and easily assess the financial implications of changes to your Council Tax Reduction Support (CTRS) schemes.
  • Banded Income Schemes - you can simplify the calculation and administration of CTR and reduce the number of recalculations needed for small income variations.
  • BIDs - provides a wide range of additional features and benefits to simplify the  management and recovery of your BID accounts, based on functionality within Advantage Revenues and Benefits’ NDR solution.

5 key benefits:

  • Improve collection rates with more accurate billing, fuelled by more accurate and more easily verified data
  • Integration across modules and back-office systems gives staff instant access to relevant data from a single screen – vastly improving processing times
  • With data capture and processes automated wherever possible, the admin burden associated with collection is significantly reduced while accuracy is enhanced
  • Efficiencies in targeting and tracing are facilitated by dedicated software, enabling higher recovery rates
  • Customer data captured online via self-service integrates automatically with back-office systems – no rekeying required


“The tool enables me to quickly and easily view accounts with enforcement agents and identify whether the action is successful. The drill through to the detail on the account means that in a couple of clicks we can identify where payments are being made, or where another course of action may be more successful. Because of the simplicity of this we are able to work more proactively with our enforcement agents to streamline our processes.”
Maria Oliver, Council Tax Supervisor, Southampton City Council