Housing Benefits

Increasing revenues while improving service

We know that Benefits departments are under pressure to meet the rigorous demands of constantly evolving legislation while still improving performance, reducing fraud and error and giving excellent service.  With budgets under scrutiny the challenge is to deliver this as cost effectively as possible.

The innovative benefits software solution from Capita Revenues and Benefits is always evolving, with in-depth insights from our expert team, who work in close partnership with all our customers. We have created a solution that can revolutionise the optimisation of these processes, producing highly efficient software ensuring prompt assessment and notification along with correct payment. This includes sophisticated tools to support management and system reporting for key areas, including subsidy and statutory statistical returns. There is also full integration with Council Tax and other supporting functions.

With Capita's Risk Based Verification and Online Claim Form solutions, we are expecting claims to be dealt with in 2-3 days. Previously new claims took an average of 21-22 days.

Stuart Dawson, Revenues and Benefits Manager, South Dorset Partnership.
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