Fraud and error

Dedicated solutions to help you combat fraud, minimise error and comply with legislation

Maximise your revenue by minimising fraud, error and overpayments.

We work closely with all our local government clients to ensure our solutions meet the ever-changing challenges posed by error and benefit fraud. That’s why Revenues and Benefits includes a range of dedicated functions to help you tackle instances of fraud, alongside inaccuracies in the data you hold and the payments you receive. From providing the ability to confidently assess the level of risk associated with a benefit claim through to ensuring council tax discounts are applied accurately, our software has it covered. Which means you’ll be able to realise significant financial, productivity and workflow benefits alongside improved customer satisfaction.

Maintaining accurate information helps to maximise revenue by minimising fraud, error and overpayments.

It is well documented that benefit fraud and error cost local government significant sums of money. In 2015/16 alone the combined cost of housing benefit fraud and error totalled £1,260m in the UK - around 5.2% of the total housing benefit expenditure of £24,200m. Of this, claimant error was around 1.8% or £430m, and fraud was 3% or £730m.  

Our Revenues and Benefits solutions helps local authorities address these issues by revolutionising the way in which they gather, verify and process data and payments. Gone is the need to manually process and check claims or to review council tax discounts. Our integrated set of modules does this all for you, quickly and accurately. Which means staff time is freed up to focus on more productive tasks, whilst your organisation benefits from greater accuracy in the data it holds and the payments it makes and receives.

Here are just a few examples of our how our software helps protect you…

Revolutionising how benefit claims are processed

Our Risk and Verification solution helps reduce your exposure to instances of benefit fraud. Through sophisticated data analytics and predictive modelling techniques, the software accurately calculates the level of risk associated with a claim. It also helps to identify the probability of each claim containing an error, meaning only higher risk cases need to be scrutinised. Furthermore, it increases the speed and efficiency with which your organisation can process ATLAS transactions.

Delivering compliance with central government initiatives

Compliance with central government policies and initiatives is non-negotiable. That’s why we continue to develop our software to ensure all processes are fully up to date, such as meeting the specific changes set by the Real Time Information roll out and Fraud and Error Reduction Incentive Scheme. Following any such changes we provide all the guidance your staff need so they can deliver an uninterrupted service to your citizens.

Maximising the amount you can bill and collect

Maintaining accurate council tax liability information is essential to ensure your organisation is maximising its council tax revenue. The Single Person Discount being a perfect example where incorrectly applied discounts can cause significant and unnecessary reductions in income. Our software includes a range of modules that help – from our council tax discount reviews solution that verifies and reviews discounts, through to secure online portals that encourage citizens to update their own records.

All of our software modules are seamlessly integrated, which means data needs to only be keyed once. Furthermore, by optimising the use of online access your citizens are able to manage and update their own information securely and at their convenience. All of which helps ensure the information you hold is up to date and accessible by all relevant staff so they can confidently and efficiently carry out their specific tasks.

The overall result is faster processing times, fewer fraudulent claims and overpayments to benefit claimants, and maximised revenue received from council tax payments.

5 key benefits:

  • Ongoing support to help your organisation minimise the impact of fraud and error
  • Better, more up-to-date citizen information that improves the accuracy of your billing
  • Innovative solutions to help reduce fraudulent benefit claims and incorrect benefit payments
  • Guaranteed compliance with central government policies and initiatives
  • Dramatic reduction in the administrative burden through automated and integrated workflow processes