Automate and streamline benefit claims with no extra IT or software

Faster, easier benefit claims for citizens, an improved service and less admin for you

Benefits Automation is a user process that lets local authorities automate the assessment of new claims and changes in circumstances. Claimants immediately discover how much housing benefit or council tax discount they’ll receive and you can process claims 24/7 while reducing costs and putting less strain on resources. It’s flexible so you can choose exactly the level of automation your service needs, and define the claims and changes you want to include.

How Benefits Automation can help

Easily set up for local needs with a comprehensive set of parameters and a simple but powerful rules engine.

Offers a summary overview and a full audit of all decisions and actions.

Includes automatic updates to the back office, reducing keying errors and improving data accuracy.

Is optimised to work with One Digital forms, but is also compatible with third party eForms.

Enables real time selection and processing of records with the eStore.

Designed and built in collaboration with customers and will support your channel shift to fully digital services.


Improving your service

  • Up to 20 times faster than manual processing with improved data accuracy.
  • Instant outcomes for claimants, less work for your staff.
  • Fully integrated with the One system. No third-party software needed. Ready to go and easily adaptable.