Comprehensive maintenance and works management system for client and contractor

Easily automate routine tasks to deliver a better, faster and more accurate service while reducing your admin burden

OPENContractor features a set of flexible tools that help social housing providers automate and manage many of the processes core to their client and contractor relationships – repair scheduling, job costing, works ticketing, stock control and more. It transforms your operations to become faster and more efficient, delivering better services while controlling costs. OPENContractor is exceptionally configurable, simple to use and integrates easily and well, including with mobile devices.

What OPENContractor’s range of modules will do for you

Schedule appointments and repairs
On any scale, from single items to multiple resource projects. Residents instantly receive digital confirmation of time and dates.

Works ticket management
Easily manage inspections, work orders and post-inspections from start to finish. Query tool aids workload analysis and work allocation.

Timesheet and bonus calculation
Simplifies and automates compilation of weekly timesheets and calculation of salaries.

Job and contract costing
Gives instant visibility on the cost and status of any job by analysing timesheets, purchase orders and material usage.

Repair logging
Log any type of repair against property or customer asset from simple, free-text jobs to pre-inspection or schedule of rates-based work.

Stores management, purchase order processing, purchase ledger processing, Electronic Data Interchange, personnel management and private works.

Benefit summary

  • A streamlined operation
  • Better workflow Extensive automation makes routine tasks faster, simpler, more accurate and reduces admin burden on staff
  • Flexible, powerful, scalable Versatile suite of integrated modules can be tailored precisely to your needs and easily expanded when you’re ready.
  • Greater insight Instant, one-stop access to all job-related information with analysis of workload and financial data to support a more effective use of resources.