Richly featured, flexible solution to asset management for social housing

A clearer view of all your assets and a route to better decisions around them.

OPENAssets is our comprehensive software solution that helps social housing organisations plan, resource, fund and manage the condition of all their assets – boilers, equipment, properties, estates, vehicle fleets and more. With an in-depth, real-time view of all your stock information - in one place - you can make faster and more accurate decisions, and be more confident in your forecasting and financial planning. OPENAssets’ smart information management also helps organisations meet legislative and auditing requirements, and it integrates fully with our OPENHousing solution.

Just some of the features OPENAssets offers

Scenario Planning allows users to model and remodel stock condition and component expenditure using “what if” scenarios.

With the Asset Management Registry you can create customisable assets with associated lifecycles and costing data.

Asset Console gives a 360-degree view of the asset record and lets your teams easily extract retrieved data.

Plus functionality across surveys and inspections, maintenance, fleet register, financial reporting, scheme and stakeholder management – with automated workflow rules.

Benefit summary

  • Better access to the data that counts
  • Flexible and powerful. Asset management becomes smoother, easier, faster and more efficient.
  • Instant and real time. Get immediate access to all your asset information, including your total cost of ownership, and see it fully up to date, in one single view.
  • Meet legislative requirements and auditing with greater ease when you can handle and track your data more effectively.



Building Information Modelling

Our BIM module forms an additional feature within our OPENAssets solution and helps users easily create 3D model representations of locations – including schemes, blocks and dwellings – to establish the relationships between them. In 2016 the government stipulated that housing providers should use BIM technologies for new-build developments. Our module will help you gain important insights from a holistic view of such schemes, with useful colour coding, a future-proofed approach ready for Big Data and IoT, and improved diagnosis of repairs. It supports more effective analysis of data, and better decision making.




The Internet of Things

We are currently exploring how this fast growing technology can help the world of Social Housing Management. The potential for IoT’s smart sharing of data between connected devices is enormous, from diagnosing boiler faults and identifying maintenance issues early, so saving on repairs, to helping residents better care for their homes and keeping empty properties more secure. Our aim is to develop real-world applications for the Social Housing sector, with analytics that extract genuine, practical uses from the data.