Mobile working for Social Housing

Secure and empowering mobile working solution for social housing officers

Transform how your officers can work on site, completing more tasks, faster and more effectively

Our mobile working solution brings your teams the power of mobile access to all your data and processes, helping social housing organisations improve efficiency and deliver better services at a lower cost. By enabling your officers to complete a wide range of actions while out on site, you can boost their productivity and enhance your customers’ satisfaction. Supported by Totalmobile, it delivers secure access to all the information officers need to inspect repairs, manage rent arrears and more, letting them log and update actions while on the move.

How mobile working can drive productivity

Our mobile working solution establishes an ‘active middle office’ – a secure, two-way flow of data between mobile and back office systems that automatically updates once a dropped connection is regained.

It has an exceptionally broad functionality, with modules tailored to your needs and budgets, to focus on the tasks most important to your operation.

You can improve how you manage responsive repairs, inspections, servicing, debt management, stock conditioning and many other tasks.

Staff can assess, generate, pass or fail repairs at the location; access all relevant resident data to make and record payments; complete tenancy sign-ups and terminations on site; and make neighbourhood visits more productive by accessing all the key information on the spot, in real time.

Benefit summary

  • Tailored to your challenges
  • Achieve more. Help your officers complete more tasks, more efficiently, with all the relevant data when and where they need it.
  • Ready to grow when you are. Phase in extra modules as you want them, without requiring organisation-wide IT upgrades.
  • Secure and fast. Instant access to the latest information, back office systems are kept constantly updated, and accuracy improves as rekeying is reduced.