Housing conference 2016 interviews

Capita's Housing Conference interviews

Delegates and speakers at Capita's Housing Conference 2016 discuss Social Housing, the Internet of Things, Behavioural Change and what piece of technology they wish they had.

Interviews from delegates and speakers

Hear key take-aways from our delegates and speakers and view some of the conference’s best bits.


Our keynote speaker, BBC Homes Editor, Mark Easton, gives his thoughts on the government's approach to social housing, build-to-rent and the importance of conferences like Capita's Housing Conference.


Hear Helen Rogers, Head of Housing Products at Capita Software services, talking about cost saving and enhanced efficiency solutions from IoT and our CRM solution, the opportunities for investment in product development and the future proofing benefits of the new Advantage Housing solution.


Steven Johnson, Director at Collaborative Change discusses the importance of the behavioural science revolution in social housing, regarding the opportunities to positively impact the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society, the low cost or cost-neutral benefits of behavioural change technology and its benefits in terms of income collection, rent arrears and encouraging customers to self-serve.


Listen to Jonathan Hill, Business Change Officer at WDH describe how WDH has gone from a completely paper-based services to a fully digital services in less than 12 months, by using Advantage Impact.


Hear delegates and speakers talk about the benefits of IoT in social housing and how it can improve housing maintenence, reduce costs and more.


Hear which conference sessions generated the most interest for delegates and how they think the solutions discussed in those sessions could benefit their organisations.


Delegates share their views on what they feel are the biggest challenges their organisations are facing, including housing legislation, transformation journeys and establishing professional and functional brands.


From undergoing digital transformations to enabling customer self-service, hear what delegates are planning for the future.


Delegates and speakers explain where they think technology will impact social housing, through making lives easier with simplified user interfaces, enhanced services for organisations and their customers and cost savings through enhanced efficiencies.


Delegates discuss how technology like IoT sensors will change entrenched methods of working in social housing with regards to front line services.


From flying boots to time machines and some other more practical ideas too, hear what technology delegates and speakers wish they had.