Digital Customer Services

Bring all the advantages of self serve to your residents – and save time and effort for your own teams

An always-on answer to a better service for your customers

Often residents run into issues or questions that need help out of office hours. Or it’s a simple enquiry they’d prefer to have answered without needing to call someone. Letting them self serve solves both those problems - and many others - while delivering a faster and more convenient service, and taking up less of your team’s time and effort. Our customer portal is a website that enables housing residents to do just that, carrying out a wide range of self-service tasks, and it integrates perfectly with our OPENHousing suite of solutions.

Our Digital Customer Services products include…

  • OPENAccess – the web portal itself
  • OPENHousing – our suite of products that provides social housing and local authorities with an end-to-end housing management solution. Includes a variety of modules such as rents and repairs
  • Web Services  - integrates the two above
  • Pay360 – our cloud-based, payment collection system

Always on

Your customer can get answers 24/7 365 for enquiries where they’d usually need to phone the housing association. It’s a useful step in encouraging them towards cost saving digital channels, and all online transactions are recorded.

Always efficient

Automation and integration will improve your operational efficiency. Reduced calls will give your contact centre teams time to focus on more complex and empathetic enquiries.

And empowering

Lets your residents take ownership of their tenancy - and do it via their computer, tablet or smart phone whenever they wish.