Streamline the flow of data through your organisation

An easier way to manage your organisation’s documents and information, saving time and helping your staff do more

One EDM is a web-based electronic document management solution that helps information flow seamlessly through your organisation. Any document you receive or create can be accessed easily and securely, 24/7, clearing the way for a paperless environment. Your staff will have better and faster access to information, meaning they can achieve more in less time and give your customers an improved  customer experience . Repetitive tasks can be automated, smart search functions make retrieval easy, while users’ access to documents is managed by comprehensive security controls.

One EDM’s product set includes

  • Contracts Manager
  • Insurance Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Housing Manager
  • Revenues and Benefits Manager
  • EDM for Schools and Colleges
  • EDM for Banking and Financials
  • HR Manager

Each individual manager product has the full range of functionality available in One EDM, and can be used to emphasis the features most useful for its particular sector.

Ways One EDM can boost efficiency

  1. It’s an integrated solution, which means information can pass freely between your One EDM and line of business applications.
  2. Data is captured at the point it enters your organisation and whether handwritten or printed, the embedded software will scan and sort it.
  3. Instant access to documents reduces the time taken to get the information you need. One EDM also cuts your organisation’s paper use.
  4. Comprehensive workflow integration keeps information and tasks flowing smoothly through your organisation, delivering them to the right people automatically.
  5. Pre-defined workflows can manage your organisation’s lifecycles. For example, the contract lifecycle in Contract Manager or the purchase to pay lifecycle in Finance Manager.
  6. Management information can be embedded. Collaboration and editing are safely controlled via check-in and check-out procedures.
  7. Improves business accountability by applying automatic retention and disposal policies to documents, reducing DPA and GDPR business risks.
  8. As a web-based solution, users in the field can easily retrieve the documents they need, from anywhere in the world.
  9. Integrates fully with Microsoft Office products, removing the need to upload documents to the EDM manually.

Benefits Summary

Manage documents easily
One EDM makes documents, easier to find, distribute and manage.

Get faster access to information
Gives your organisation and staff quicker access to the material they need.

Be more accurate and efficient
Scanned documents reduce input error. Automated workflows send documents to the right people.

Reduce business risk
Aids accountability under Data Protection and GDPR. Supports audit and compliance.