Self-service Portal

Give your customers secure and easy access to your online services, and guide their data seamlessly to your back office and digital systems.

A single, secure and convenient gateway for customers to reach your online services

This solution helps your customers self-serve online, letting them track and review information relevant to them. It makes life simpler for them, and saves cost and time for you. It’s quick and easy to set up, and intuitive for your customers to use. The portal offers rapid resolution of everyday enquiries, encouraging the use of lower cost-to-serve channels, while improving the accuracy and security of the data you capture as it flows smoothly into your back office systems.

Six ways One Digital Portal helps you and your customers

For you

1) Many key transactions are available as standard (eg viewing details of council tax accounts, benefit claims and business rate accounts), and the portal is fully integrated with One Digital Forms.

2) It can integrate with other portals so you can offer citizens a joined up service with a ‘single sign on’, leveraging your existing investments.

3) Design can be quickly customised to mirror the look and feel of your website and branding of your organisation.

For your customers

4) Pages can be accessed from any device – PC, tablet and smartphone.

5) Secure customer login and sign-up facility provides a single point of access to all the transactional services and information customers will need. They can even use their Google or Facebook credentials to login.

6) The My Activity page lets customers check the status of all their online requests, create new ones, and return to those they began earlier, reducing follow-up contact.



Capita Revenues and Benefits clients can easily expand the portal to become a corporate platform - and not relying on additional third party assistance. You can develop it in house or with support from Capita



Benefits summary

It’s an improved, 24/7 experience for your customers.

Data flows directly to your back office systems with less chance for error.

Both at sign in, and with optional secondary stage authentication for access to sensitive or payment-related issues.

Saves time and effort for staff. Also reduces avoidable contact as customers can track the status of requests themselves.

Channel shift
It encourages customers towards cost saving digital channels.