Advantage Mobile for Social Housing

Advantage Mobile, our scalable mobile working solution, empowers social housing officers to accomplish more tasks more quickly, and more cost-effectively, than ever before.

Revolutionise the productivity of your mobile workforce

Advantage Mobile, our intelligent, scalable mobile working solution, gives social housing organisations the power to provide much better services for much less money. It comprises a series of modules primed to help you benefit from tangible organisation-wide efficiencies across your key areas of responsibility. Armed with secure, mobile access to all the data and processes they need, your officers are able to complete a multitude of tasks while out on-site – simultaneously boosting productivity and improving customer satisfaction.

Helping social housing organisations deliver much more for much less

Advantage Mobile for social housing, powered by TotalMobile, delivers a truly organisation-wide mobile social housing solution.  Your housing officers will be able to securely and easily access and action everything they need to do their jobs from their mobile device while out on-site – from inspections to repairs, managing rent arrears and much more.  With tasks actioned, updated, generated and logged much more efficiently, your organisation will be empowered to deliver significantly better services to your customers while enjoying lower outgoings.

Seamless 2-way information flow

Our mobile working solution uses the concept of an 'active middle office' - an intelligent and robust software layer which provides a secure 2-way flow of data between the mobile device and back office staff and systems. If mobile connection is lost, the systems automatically update accordingly as soon as a connection is restored. 

Tailored to the meet the challenges you face

Advantage Mobile offers social housing organisations outstandingly broad functionality, which can be phased in to suit your needs and your budgets. It includes modules tailored specifically to mobilise and transform the way you manage tasks in the following key areas:

  • Responsive repairs
    Fully mobile end-to-end repairs processing which also includes automated or manual time recording for accurate job costing, and the ability to record stock usage to enable automatic stock reconciliation. 
  • Inspections
    During pre and post-inspections staff are able to assess, generate, pass or fail repairs, as well as to take and upload relevant images while on-site.
  • Servicing
    Cyclical servicing requirements can be managed for gas and electrical appliances as well as for other assets such as solid fuel appliances and smoke alarms.  Includes the ability to produce and sign-off safety certificates as appropriate.
  • Stock conditioning
    Using their mobile devices, officers are able to update, create and remove asset data as well record any remedial works while carrying out full stock conditioning assessments on-site.
  • Debt management
    With access to all relevant tenant data including account status, communications history and any warnings in place, officers are equipped to make and record payment arrangements with tenants, including emailing confirmation letters direct to the tenant there and then.
  • Customer management
    Officers are able to view and record up-to-date occupant data including equality and diversity information as well as to log possible indicators of vulnerability or potential violence.
  • Neighbourhoods
    Visits relating to estate management communications are made significantly more productive with the ability to access and update all relevant data in real time.
  • Allocations
    Housing staff can complete both tenancy sign-ups and tenancy terminations while on-site, as well as capture information such as meter readings and direct debit mandates.

5 key benefits:

  • Enables social housing organisations to deliver better, faster services while cutting their costs
  • Empowers officers to accomplish tasks much more quickly and efficiently, as well as to tick off a number of tasks in one visit instead of many   
  • Secure, comprehensive and constant 2-way flow of information between mobile devices and back office systems means instant access to up-to-date information and no rekeying required
  • Flexible technology which can be phased in – no requirement for organisation-wide IT changes
  • Supports more sustainable working practices and improves compliance