Advantage Mobile

Send productivity levels soaring and see your administrative burden dwindle when you mobilise your workforce with Advantage Mobile - our secure, scalable mobile working solution.

Mobile working as it should be

Delivering organisation-wide benefits, Advantage Mobile delivers measurable ROI and can be phased in to suit you. It provides a smooth and secure flow of information between mobile devices and the back office, which means workers are empowered to be even more productive out in the field than back at base. The time taken to resolve issues is slashed and the overall administrative burden massively reduced. The result is an organisation free to deliver better services while reducing its costs.

Harnessing mobile technology to help you deliver more for less

Enabling mobile working can open the door to tangible on-going business benefits. We’re talking about significantly increased productivity levels, noticeably improved customer relationships and measurably lower outgoings – not to mention a happier workforce.  

Advantage Mobile delivers a truly organisation-wide mobile working solution. Mobile workers can securely access everything they need to do their jobs while out in the field. In addition, the data they input remotely is automatically integrated into your back office systems and workflow back at base.

Flexible, phase-in technology tailored to you

Adaptability is central to Advantage Mobile. It is designed to work with your existing software, IT systems and virtually any mobile device. Consequently, it can be implemented in phases, with new areas and departments being included at a pace and scale to suit your needs, priorities and budgets. 

Seamless 2-way information flow

Advantage Mobile provides a single mobile working platform that enables organisations to benefit from a range of efficiencies not achievable through more traditional, department-focused solutions.  In short it delivers what mobile working and mobile workforce solutions have always promised.

It uses the concept of an 'active middle office' - an intelligent and robust software layer which provides a secure 2-way flow of data between the mobile device and back office staff and systems.   We can help configure Advantage Mobile to best suit your organisation, allowing each mobile worker to receive and action the appropriate forms, case histories, images and data for their specific role in the field.

No signal?  No problem

Advantage Mobile is as happy working in real time as it is offline. As soon as a connection is restored, the systems automatically update accordingly, minimising the inefficiencies and frustrations of intermittent connectivity.

Powerful reporting and less wasted resources

Advantage Mobile offers real time monitoring of field worker locations and schedules. This accurate information stream enables managers to allocate workload more effectively and react fast as circumstances change. 

Mobile workers can easily create and send reports from their mobile devices, which are then fed straight through to the relevant department for action. There is no need for workers to waste time and resources going back to the office to rekey data and distribute information. Communication and issue resolution are faster, helping organisations reduce costs and improve productivity while delivering better services to their customers. 

Key benefits:

  • Transforms the productivity of mobile staff 
  • Secure, comprehensive and constant 2-way flow of information between mobile devices and back office systems
  • Flexible technology which can be phased in – no requirement for organisation-wide IT changes
  • Improved service delivery pleases customers and boosts staff morale

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