Online forms and case manager

Combining intelligent online forms, data capture and workflow to power your productivity

A proven case management and online forms platform

Advantage Digital Forms and Case Manager combine intelligent online forms with automated workflow to power the way an organisation captures, tracks, interrogates and processes applications and data. Customer-facing eforms can be quickly built and integrated to offer your customers an easy, intuitive way to interact with your services online. Clever data capture ensures accuracy and includes features such as on-the-spot authentication and prompts to upload supporting documentation when required. Behind the scenes, powerful workflow tools accelerate the speed and efficiency of internal processes and service delivery. Comprehensive case management provides full visibility of incoming data generating, automating or allocating any further tasks where appropriate and as required. In addition, the platform supports full business reporting based on your specific requirements – providing you with in-depth knowledge to inform your business decisions.

Transform processing speeds, customer service standards and business intelligence

Truly integrated data capture and workflow is an essential requirement for organisations looking to achieve wide-scale operational efficiencies. 

Advantage Digital Forms and Case Manager combine to provide a comprehensive platform that is proven to deliver significant time and cost savings when compared with face-to-face contact channels. 

With customers inputting information themselves, data accuracy also tends to improve. When combined with seamless integration across the enterprise, customers and staff will always have access to the same, up-to-date information. 

Advantage Digital Forms: Interactive and user-friendly online forms that drive faster, more streamlined processes

Our solution enables you to create and tailor online forms according to your requirements.  Once complete you can integrate them into your website without any coding knowledge. Customers are then empowered to submit their information at a time and from a digital device that’s convenient to them - ensuring you hold the relevant up-to-date information you need.

  • Flexible configuration options enable data to be checked and processed, leading to greater accuracy and completeness of the information you receive.
  • Integration with your website ensures your forms slot in simply and seamlessly.
  • Forms can integrate with third parties for additional verification, and also include the option for users to upload supporting documentation.
  • Customer-friendly features include save and resume options, seeding of information between different forms, and immediate responses to submissions.
  • Online guides, embedded videos and webchat functionality further support accurate and complete applications.
  • Our fully hosted, cloud-based software means introducing Advantage Digital won’t impact on your hardware or IT requirements.

Advantage Digital Case Manager: Automate processes, boost workflow and benefit from full business reporting

Case Manager empowers your staff to automate and action customer service tasks more efficiently. Data is organised and indexed in real-time, giving your staff instant access to every piece of customer-related information they need, and the ability to initiate relevant actions as required.

  • Integration with our Forms solution can enable a seamless transition from the point of capturing customer information through to a set of pre-specified actions or events, with cases automatically assigned to specific workers, and job scheduling applied.
  • The powerful in-built rules engine can be configured to check and process data, automate decisions, prompt actions or workflow activities and suggest priority cases.  
  • Form assessments and applications processing can include complex calculations, for example of income or expenses.
  • Detailed reporting can be used to understand progress towards SLA targets or other operational KPIs.
  • Supports assisted digital – allowing your staff to help complete forms on the user’s behalf.

Forms and Case Manager are part of Advantage Digital and can be integrated with other digital components such as Portal, Apps and Payments. They combine ease of use with powerful functionality, increasing the speed and efficiency of your customer communications.

5 key benefits:

  • Significantly improves customer service delivery by helping customers submit information more quickly, easily and accurately – often receiving immediate responses
  • Staff equipped with full, instant access to accurate data can process customer service tasks with greater efficiency
  • Automating tasks, case allocation and job scheduling drives productivity
  • Full business reporting informs business decisions
  • Flexible SaaS application requires no extra IT infrastructure