Forms and case manager for local government

Combining intelligent online forms, data capture and workflow to power your productivity

A proven case management and online forms platform

Advantage Digital Forms and Case Manager combines intelligent online forms with automated workflow to power the way an organisation captures, tracks, interrogates and processes applications and data. Customer-facing eforms can be quickly built and integrated into your website to offer citizens an easy, intuitive way to interact with your services online. Forms can also include authentication and the option to upload supporting documentation when required. Clever data capture ensures accuracy and further improves customer experience. Behind the scenes, powerful workflow tools streamline the journey of tasks and data through your organisation, accelerating the speed of your processes and service delivery. In addition, the platform supports full business reporting – providing you with in-depth knowledge to inform your business decisions.

Transform processing speeds, customer service standards and business intelligence with our proven forms and case management platform

Truly integrated data capture and workflow has long been high on the wish list of local government organisations looking to find wide-scale efficiencies. 

Look no longer. Advantage Digital Forms and Case Manager is a comprehensive case management and online forms platform not only already up and running within local government – but proven to work there. 

Interactive and user-friendly online forms driving faster, streamlined processes

This solution enables you to rapidly build and integrate user-friendly online forms, which can improve your citizens’ experience and boost back-office productivity at the same time. Both your citizens and your staff will be able to access and action online customer service tasks with speed and ease.

  • Flexible eforms can be tailored to your requirements and integrated with workflow systems to deliver both customer-facing forms and back-office screens while automating processes.
  • Forms can integrate seamlessly with third parties for additional verification and include the option for users to upload supporting documentation
  • Integration with your website ensures your forms slot in simply and seamlessly. Third-party data exchange can also be incorporated.
  • The customer experience is further improved by save and resume options, seeding of information between different forms, and immediate responses to submissions.
  • Online help and embedded videos also support accurate and complete applications.
  • Our fully hosted, cloud-based software means introducing Advantage Digital won’t impact on your hardware or IT requirements.

Automate processes, boost workflow and benefit from full business reporting

With data organised and indexed to perfection in real-time, your staff will be able to instantly access and edit every piece of information they need, relating to any citizen application or other process.   In addition, full reporting becomes an easy everyday reality, giving you visibility of your stats, your performance and your workload.

  • The powerful in-built rules engine can be configured to check and process data, automate decisions, prompt actions or workflow activities and suggest priority cases.
  • Cases can be automatically assigned to specific workers and job scheduling applied.
  • To speed up decision-making, automatic form assessments and applications processing can include complex calculations, for example of income or expenses.
  • Integration with Capita’s benefits solution ensures a seamless transition from case management to benefit claim where applicable.
  • Detailed reporting can be used to understand progress towards SLA targets, budgets relating to grant, and funding status form volumes by month.

Advantage Digital solutions tailor-made for local government

  • Local Welfare Assistance - meeting your welfare fund administration and management responsibilities. Download more information
“We have successfully processed claims - from start to finish - from day 1 of implementing Capita’s solution, and have now managed 3,000 applications (close to 10,000 claims) in the first 10 weeks of operation alone.”
Glasgow City Council
  • Discretionary Housing Payments - Capita's DHP solution has been developed to provide an intelligent, flexible online form to make applying for help easier for your citizens.

    Watch the video to find out more about partnering with Capita to achieve efficient, effective DHP management. Download more information

  • Discounts and Exemptions – a dedicated online application form to quickly and simply replace your existing forms or processes, reducing manual updates and customer queries. Download more information
  • eChange-in-Circumstances - this online form allows your citizens to report a change in circumstances easily, at a time to suit them. Download more information.
  • eClaim - digitising the paper-based benefits claim forms process can achieve efficiencies, save money and improve your customers’ experience. Download more information.

Forms and Case Manager are part of Advantage Digital’s solutions for local government, and can be integrated with other digital components such as Portal and Apps. They combine ease of use with powerful functionality, increasing the speed and efficiency of your customer communications.

5 key benefits:

  • Significantly improves customer service delivery by helping citizens accomplish tasks more quickly, easily and accurately – often with an immediate response
  • Staff equipped with full, instant access to all relevant data are able to process customer service tasks with greater speed, accuracy and less wasted resources
  • Automating tasks, case allocation and job scheduling drive productivity and the speed with which you are able to deliver services to customers
  • Full business reporting gives visibility to inform your business decisions
  • Flexible SaaS application requiring no extra IT infrastructure