Apps in local government

Create and integrate 2-way citizen apps to strengthen engagement and improve efficiencies

Fuel faster, more effective citizen communications with your own mobile apps

Advantage Digital Apps is a single platform mobile apps solution which makes it easy for you to develop your own apps and become better connected with your citizens using a technology they love. After just one day’s training your staff will be able to develop, populate and deploy mobile apps that are tailored to your citizens and fully integrated with your systems. Or, if you prefer, we can do it for you. Customers will be able to interact with you and your services from the palm of their hand or the screen of their laptop. As a result, the speed of your interactions and transactions is transformed, paving the way to a more effective, productive 2-way conversation.

Only a day’s training away – create tailored apps that integrate with your systems to enhance customer relations and overall efficiency

Citizen apps enable local government organisations to foster better customer relationships within days. Low cost and high impact, apps make it easier for your citizens to access your services, while you get all the benefits of streamlined processes and effective channel shift. 

Our single platform solution combines powerful functionality with incredible ease of use. A day’s training is all it takes. After that your staff will be ready to develop, populate and deploy mobile apps, which are not only tailored to your community, but also fully integrated with all your relevant back-office systems including payments, CRM, RSS and more. 

A snapshot of features:

  • Report it - allows citizens to quickly and easily report problems, with images attached, straight to your relevant department
  • Payments - citizens can make payments for services and items quickly and securely
  • GPS functionality - your citizens can add location details so you can directly pinpoint their area and personalise their communications
  • ‘Find my nearest’ - using the GPS functionality, your citizens can find their nearest library, recycling centre, car park and much more
  • What’s on – share news of local events and community activities
  • Calendars - citizens can see your calendar of events, bin collection dates and more
  • News - up-to-the-minute news and local updates such as traffic
  • Consultation – enabling dialogue with the community on plans, developments and new ideas

A single app platform delivering unrivalled functionality

The platform is low cost and easy to use, yet comes bursting with features and functionality.  You can brand your apps to make them your own, and you don’t even need specialist app developers to do it. Alternatively, just brief us and we’ll do it for you. 

  • Responsive design techniques mean your apps will work well across a wide range of devices and screen sizes - including Apple, android and Windows devices.
  • Ability to pull data from different sources such as CRM, RSS, calendars and HTML.
  • Ease of integration into back-office and payment systems is paramount. The complete browser-based management console allows for easy integration with other digital capabilities such as Forms, Case Manager and Portal.
  • The management console allows you to create and edit content, control structure and navigation, and choose which features of the mobile device you want to take advantage of, be it the phone, location services, notifications and more.
  • As this is a SaaS solution, you can be up and running in minutes, without needing to buy expensive services or install and configure complicated software.

Apps is just one part of Advantage Digital’s solutions for local government, and can be integrated with other digital components such as Intelligent Forms, Portal and Case Manager. They combine ease of use with powerful functionality, increasing the speed and efficiency of your customer communications.

5 key benefits:

  • Quickly create a more positive, productive 2-way dialogue with your citizens
  • Deliver and capture citizen communications more efficiently
  • Create, deploy and edit citizen apps that are branded with your identity and tailored to your community
  • Full integration with back-office systems, including payment solutions, allows you to deliver better services for less money
  • Rich functionality provides vast choice of features from a single platform