Revenues and Benefits

Smarter, faster ways to administer revenues and benefits whilst reducing error, maximising collection and improving your service to your citizens.

Helping revs and bens teams reduce fraud and error, increase collection rates and adopt smarter ways of working

The pressure on revenues and benefits teams to collect more income and provide better services, while spending less time and money on doing so, is here to stay. With 25 years’ experience, we know the challenges you face, and we can offer you a suite of tried and tested solutions proven to address them. At the heart of our solutions lie three key things: transformed ways of capturing and managing data, powerful integration across all platforms and systems, and engaging self-service pathways for your customers. Together they add up to smarter ways of working that are helping local authorities across the UK achieve efficiencies and boost service delivery.

Fraud and Error

Maximise your revenue by minimising fraud, error and overpayments.

We work closely with all our local government clients to ensure our solutions meet the ever-changing challenges posed by error and benefit fraud. Which means you’ll be able to realise significant financial, productivity and workflow benefits alongside improved customer satisfaction.

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Capita's software services Revenues and Benefit - Fraud and Error
Work smarter

Making smarter working an everyday reality, organisation-wide

With ever-increasing funding cuts on the horizon, and demand for higher quality services growing all the time, finding ways to work smarter has never been more essential. We design and implement software solutions that provide proven efficiency gains, and can provide business cases that demonstrate cashable savings.

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Capita's software services Revenues and Benefit - Work smarter
Increasing collection

Maximise collection rates with a set of dedicated revenues and benefits modules

The pressure on maximising collection and recovery has never been greater. Our collection and recovery modules have been designed specifically with revenues and benefits teams in mind. They are already helping many local authorities improve collection rates, reduce overpayments and manage their debt and arrears more effectively.

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Capita's software services Revenues and Benefit - Increasing collection
Training and consultancy

We built your solutions. Now let’s ensure you get the most from them.

Armed with sector-specific knowledge and vast technological knowhow, our experts can help you unlock the maximum benefit from your systems, with a suite of training and consultancy services on standby to help them do it.

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Capita's software services Revenues and Benefit - Training and consultancy
Financial Assessments

Fully supporting any assessment and charging process operated by local authorities to determine care and support service contribution

Financial Assessments is a comprehensive case management tool, fully integrated within the core Advantage Revenues and Benefits syetem, to calculate contribution amounts for customers receiving care services in either residential or non-residential accommodation.

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Capita's software services Revenues and Benefit - Financial Assessments