'Social impact of the year’ award win for Solihull Community Housing

23 October 2015

Solihull Community Housing is celebrating a win at this week’s CIH Midlands Awards for their ‘Social impact of the year’ project.

CIH Midlands Award 2015: Solihull Community Housing win Social Impact of the Year

The nomination was made by Capita’s software services and Experian for the organisation’s work with The Big Issue Invest and Rental Exhange schemes, designed to help social housing customers across the UK establish credit scores, ensuring fairer treatment when it comes to accessing goods and services.

By employing these schemes, Solihull Community Housing seeks to observe rental payment data to create a digital identity and credit score record via Experian, to then help individuals when applying to utility suppliers, mobile phone providers and more, helping achieve fairer, better access to services.

The scheme also greatly reduces the need for individuals to resort to unregistered loan sharks or payday loan companies when access to credit is needed – giving individuals a more sustainable, achievable way of borrowing money.

"Our solution for working with the Big Issue Invest and Experian will help a large number of low-income families, currently excluded from affordable credit, helping break dependence on very high cost credit and empowering them through a wider range of buying or service options.”

Roger Birkinshaw, Housing Director, Capita’s software services


Solihull’s work with The Big Issue Invest and Experian is facilitated via Capita’s Rental Exchange module. Click here to find out more.

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