Capita is supporting the Public Services Launchpad

07 October 2013

Capita is supporting the first in a series of new incubator programmes, focused on developing early-stage ideas in the public sector and on the talent that could unlock them.

Public Service Launchpad will help turn these ideas into reality, and maybe even support the creation of businesses that can change lives by giving public service innovators access to the support they need to get their ideas off the ground.

This first incubator, based at Hub Westminster in London, is delivered by FutureGov and Hub Launchpad, and runs for seven months between September 2013 and April 2014.

Through the programme, Public Service Launchpad is looking to build an open movement for innovation in local public services, find innovators and intrapreneurs from inside the sector, and support them and their ideas to make change happen whether through internal change initiatives or the creation of new social ventures.

Join the Launchpad community

If you have a project idea to address some of the biggest challenges in public services but are not sure how to take it forward; if you are seeking likeminded people to work through a problem you know could be solved; or if you are looking for inspiration to make the most of emerging opportunities, then come and join our scholarship community. You can apply by visiting their web page.

"The public sector is crying out for new solutions that transform services for the people of Britain, whilst delivering badly needed efficiencies. The great news is that there are plenty of people within the sector who are brimming with ideas and are passionate about what needs to be done. This programme is about applying structure to those passions and frustrations.

"At Capita we believe that, given the right conditions, shared knowledge and experience can be combined to achieve truly innovative ideas, which can then be scaled up for the benefit of the nation. And because we work in partnership with many public sector organisations, we see Launchpad as a great opportunity to turn that promise into reality."
 Joel Bailey
Director of service design at Capita

About the programme

The Public Service Launchpad begins by building a community of 100 Launchpad scholars who will share their early stage ideas with each other and develop them together. Scholars will be supported by the Hub Launchpad and FutureGov team who will host approximately three events per month over the course of the scholarship to help scholars learn, meet and share with others.

The second half will run from December to March and is an Accelerator Programme for 35 individuals working in 2-3 person teams. This will be a full-time commitment with teams based in the Hub Westminster space. The teams will receive a spend to cover their basic costs. They will have the opportunity to gain investment for their idea, as well as contracts with public services, among other benefits.


To find out more and apply, visit the Public Service Launchpad website.

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