New Local Digital blog: Borough Council app brings savings and convenience one month after launch

23 November 2015

The Department for Communities and Local Government's Local Digital Campaign has featured Capita's app development console, Engage, on its new blog, spotlighting the benefits it is already helping to realise for Spelthorne Borough Council:

Launched last month, the Spelthorne Borough Council app offers three main features: local information, a problem-reporting facility and a payments feature. Since launch, it has been downloaded 500 times and reduced calls to the contact centre by 7 per cent.

The Surrey council – which has around 95,600 residents – launched the app to improve access to local information and reduce calls from the public by 10 per cent, thus reducing pressure on the contact centre.

“We’re so confident in the product”, said Linda Norman, Head of Customer Services at the Council. “It looks modern and it’s easy to use. And it’s important to have something in one location so it’s easier for residents to find out what they want”.

Click here to visit the full Local Digital News Blog article: 'Borough Council app brings savings and convenience one month after launch'

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