Housing providers encouraged to adopt Internet of Things

26 November 2014

The new white paper - out now 26/11/2014

Local authorities, housing associations and other social housing providers should already be exploring ways to harness the Internet of Things (IoT) to help drive efficiency and improve their service to customers, a new paper from Capita’s software services business has concluded.

The paper, entitled Smarter property management: When the Internet of Things meets smart asset management, explores how housing providers could use the Internet of Things (IoT) – the concept whereby all devices, such as heaters, boilers, and fridges, are connected to the Internet – to help cut their annual bill for repairs to ‘non-decent’ homes through smart asset management.

Devices such as smart meters, humidity sensors and smart boilers are highlighted in the report as potential breakthroughs which housing providers should be considering for their stock.

The report suggests that:

  • By receiving constant accurate information on the state of their housing, providers would be able to carry out repairs exactly at the point of need and ensure they prevent costly problems.
  • The IoT could save a huge amount of time in administration and staff time, phone calls, and multiple visits to diagnose and carry out repairs.
  • Further savings could be made on insurance and lending premiums, if a housing provider is able to provide an up-to-the-minute assessment of the condition of all of its housing stock
Roger Birkinshaw, director of housing, Capita’s software services business, said: “Many don’t realise that the technology behind the IoT is now a reality. Forward-thinking housing providers are already considering how to harness the IoT to help them make savings, enhance the service they offer to their residents and make their housing stock safer and more efficient.

“This paper is a timely reminder to housing providers that if they want to make the most of this emerging technology, they should be building it into their business plans as soon as possible.”

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