Capita's Engage app platform to support vulnerable adults

29 May 2015

Housing charity Fortunatus Housing Solutions has launched its new app, to help support residents, offer advice and promote fundraising events.

Fortunatus provides housing to vulnerable adults with mental illness and learning disabilities across the North West. The Engage platform, developed by Capita’s software services business, gives Fortunatus a complete browser-based management console allowing them to develop, populate and deploy their own mobile app.

The app will provide a wealth of information to residents and the wider community about local news, events, ways to donate and details of other support agencies.

The app will also provide Fortunatus’ residents more choice on how to get in touch with the charity.

It has been launched by the charity alongside the Unity Lottery, a national lottery which helps charities raise money for their activities. The app will help promote the lottery, which will in turn give those playing the chance to win something for themselves. Half the money spent on the lottery goes directly back to Fortunatus to benefit their tenants and give them a better quality of life.

Catherine Nicholson, Fortunatus managing director, said: “We are always looking for better ways to communicate with our residents, for whom accurate information about local activities and services is an essential lifeline.

“Capita’s app platform is a great way of helping us do that. Not only does it offer us a great deal of choice about what information we give and how we pass it on to our residents, it also tells them how they can find out more from us and how to access services.

“It is also helping us promote our Unity Lottery, which will go a long way in helping raise funds to support vulnerable adults across the North West.”

Other benefits of the Engage app platform include:

  • Improved services - a new way for customers to access Fortunatus’ services in a way that suits them
  • Reduced costs - automating processes and freeing up Fortunatus’ staff time
  • Configurable – the charity can decide which services they want to include on the app and how they want them to appear
  • Quick – with forms that can be designed and published in-house there’s no delay in getting services online
  • Simple – allowing Fortunatus to create and promote the app on any device

Paul Millard, operations director at Capita's software services business, said: “Fortunatus’ residents need easy access to relevant information, whether that’s advice on how to access services, contact details for local support groups, or simply find out about fun activities coming up.

“We will continue to work closely with Fortunatus to ensure their app provides that link for residents in a timely, efficient and effective way.”

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