Capita launches new software to protect tenants from rogue landlords and letting agents

22 March 2016

Capita’s software services business has launched a new web-based application, Advantage Impact for Rogue Landlord and Agency Management, designed to enable local authorities to take strong action against rogue private landlords and letting agents. It will help safeguard tenants in their area and give them peace of mind when finding accommodation.

Advantage Impact will enable local authorities to efficiently manage private landlords and letting agents ensuring they are operating in a transparent way and treating tenants fairly. It provides local authorities with the flexibility to record details of landlords and letting agents on a local, regional and national level, fully supporting the management and investigation of landlords and letting agents even if operating across multiple local authority areas.

The online solution will accommodate full investigation and case management details, multiple accommodation information, appeal information, the recording and management of bans, sanctions and complaints, and the aiding of improvements and enforcements. Landlords and letting agents can be registered and published by local authorities, making it both easier for tenants to identify the best providers and for local authorities to report on rogue landlords.

In addition to managing rogue landlords and agents, the solution is able to manage the compulsory registration and management of those with housing in multiple occupation (HMO) properties and the voluntary registration of other landlords and letting agents’ details.

Roger Birkinshaw, housing director at Capita’s software services business, said:

“We have worked with local authorities for over 10 years to help support them in protecting vulnerable people. Tackling the issue of rogue landlords and letting agents is the natural next step in our provision. It is expected that a quarter of all households will be renting rather than buying by 2025*, however we often hear from customers about the need to protect tenants from rogue landlords and letting agents.

“Advantage Impact will help local authorities to easily manage and investigate complaints about private landlords and agencies, and it will support their ability to issue banning orders and other sanctions if needed.”

The service is free for the first year to the first 100 local authorities who sign up by the end of May 2016.