The Salvation Army appoints Capita to help it tackle modern slavery

08 July 2015

Capita’s software services business has been selected to support The Salvation Army’s provision of care services for adult victims of modern slavery.

The Salvation Army is working with statutory and voluntary organisations nationally to identify and support potential victims of modern slavery.

It has selected Capita Support (now Advantage Impact), Capita’s case management software solution, to handle case management, referrals, needs and risk assessments, matching victims to service providers and volunteer services, and coordinating the transport of victims from one area of the country to a safe place.

Capita Support will bring together The Salvation Army’s wide network of staff and volunteers involved in delivering care and coordination services, empowering them to protect victims, identify and support those at risk, and reintegrate them into communities.

Anne Read, director of anti-trafficking and modern slavery for The Salvation Army, said:

“Capita’s software will enable our contract management team and more than 500 volunteers nationally to quickly protect victims of modern slavery and those identified as being at risk.

It is vital that we have a secure service that allows us to collaborate effectively with our partners and provide coordinated interventions and support.”

Roger Birkinshaw, director at Capita software services, said: “Capita will be at the heart of The Salvation Army and other service providers’ efforts to tackle modern slavery in England and Wales.

“Since 2008, Capita Support has been in use nationally helping customers to carry out their end-to-end work from referral, needs and risk assessment to support planning and outcomes. We are still discovering where else our software can provide assistance and we very much look forward to assisting The Salvation Army in its work over the next five years in what is a highly complex and sensitive project.”

Capita’s appointment follows the award of a new contract to The Salvation Army, jointly funded by the Home Office and Ministry of Justice, to coordinate the provision of care services to adult victims of modern slavery in England and Wales. The Salvation Army has supported more than 2,800 victims of modern slavery since it was first awarded the Government contract in July 2011.

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