Capita delivers standalone asset management solution to housing providers

14 July 2014

Capita today announces the launch of its standalone asset management solution, OPENAsset. For the first time, housing associations and councils will be able to use software that allows them to use a geographic information system (GIS) and manage all their properties and assets from a single point.

OPENAsset uses built in GIS software that makes it possible for an organisation's employees to view all properties and assets by common location. Through the use of a visual, map-based image, organisations can save money by recognising which assets are in need of maintenance and attend to these without needing to return to the office.

The solution can also be integrated with any back office and enables organisations to manage their asset maintenance programmes all from one place. The single view of information, across multiple project cycles, provides a more efficient management system and gives a better understanding of the total number and costs of all assets. This helps organisations evaluate where savings can be made and ensure resources are being allocated to residents who need them most.

In addition, organisations have the option to use all of the solution's key features or select different elements and tailor it to best suit their individual requirements and scale: Key features include:

  • Asset, hazard and fleet registry;
  • Asset and stakeholder management;
  • Financial and mapping reporting;
  • Customer surveys and inspections;
  • The creation of workflows / automated alerts for scheduled work.
Roger Birkinshaw, housing director at Capita's software services business, commented: "We understand the challenge organisations face when managing the maintenance of their properties and assets.  Being able to view all assets and costs from one single point and in real-time allows for more accurate decision making when forecasting and financial planning.

"Furthermore, giving employees access to a management system, when and where they need it means they can respond quicker to customer queries. This not only improves the delivery of services but results in greater efficiencies across an organisation."

OPENAsset is available within Capita's comprehensive housing management software suite, OPENHousing, but has been developed into a separate solution in response to growing market demand.

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