My predictions for 2017: Chris White, Head of Digital Solutions

15 December 2016

Chris White, Head of Digital Solutions at Capita software services, shares his prediction for digital services in 2017.

In 2017 we’ll continue to see the importance being placed on digital services designed around the consumers’ needs with services being personalised, delivering tailored content which is both appropriate and timely and with proactive updates keeping the customer informed at all times.

Organisations will further realise the importance of implementing a consolidated approach to service delivery, providing their customers with as simple and consistent an experience regardless of their preferred contact channel. With social media fast becoming as important as the website, omni-channel customer engagement and the effective management thereof will be essential to ensure that customer expectations are met.

For the Advantage Digital team, our priority for 2017 is to continue to innovate, to adapt and expand our platform’s capabilities and build on the great results we’re already seeing in conjunction with our customers to date. The very nature of successful digital platforms means they are never ‘finished’ – so through our continuous investment and working closely with our customers, we will continue to deliver solutions that are truly sustainable, delivering excellent value for money and facilitating even greater customer satisfaction, not just today but tomorrow and beyond.

Chris White, Head of Digital Solutions at Capita software services

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