Capita combines local government software businesses

03 August 2017

To help it better meet the needs of its local government customers, and the citizens they serve, Capita has unified more of its software businesses under the Capita One umbrella.

Although Capita One has existed for several years, it primarily covered the education and social care areas of Capita’s local government software offering. The new structure sees most of Capita’s local government software move under one roof, including housing, revenue and benefits, digital and document solutions.

Anthony Singleton, managing director of Capita’s suite of One software products, spoke to TechMarketView about the rationale behind the move. He admits that Capita’s software teams have been too siloed in the past, but that it will now take a more holistic approach.

Singleton explained, whilst its local government customers are still concerned about back-office efficiencies, they are increasingly focusing on improving interactions with their citizens. He expects to see a continued shift to the cloud and a growth in automation and AI in local government, although he admits most of the “low hanging fruit” in terms of digital transformation business has been taken. Austerity has been a catalyst to digital transformation, but the level of transformation achieved varies significantly across the UK.

Capita have recently introduced automation to its revenue and benefits software. We can expect to see more activity from Capita in this area, as well as in mobile applications such as chatbots.

We may see some of Capita’s platforms merge and become more open over time, but moving to a single platform is not on the agenda any time soon. For its local government customers, closer integration of Capita’s software should help improve data sharing, facilitate better decision making and drive more timely interventions.

As with all local government suppliers, Capita’s challenge is to help its customers do more with less. Bringing together its software businesses should better position Capita to look for efficiencies across local government regions and help its customers provide a better service to its citizens.

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