New consultancy offering: Type II Storage Areas for Progress OpenEdge RDBMS

25 April 2016

Improve your OPENHousing or OPENContractor database performance by up to 40% with this one-off consultancy service

Over time, fragmentation of data within your Progress database will result in slower processing times and a reduced overall performance.

With consultancy from Capita, your data will be re-ordered within Type II Storage Areas, with each table and index residing in a dedicated and specific area.

Treating the storage space in this way, linking common data together, allows queries to return results more quickly and efficiently, greatly improving the overall performance of your database. Type II Storage Areas also offer a foundation for all advanced features of the OpenEdge database, such as transparent data encryption, table partitioning and secure data replication.

What’s more, this service needs only to be performed once: once the new database structure is put in place, you can continue to benefit from it without any further consultancy requirement going forward.

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