Capita launches new white paper: 'Beyond Channel Shift'

03 April 2014

The next steps for local authorites

Everyone has heard about the benefits of channel shift. Moving services from face-to-face or telephone channels to online alternatives saves money and time. Local authorities have spent the last few years shifting many services to cheaper avenues and have reaped rewards.

However, many are not realising the full advantages. Often, channel shift has happened at a superficial level and is not fully integrated with the back office. Money savings and service improvements are being missed as an online form needs to be typed into a back office system.

In this white paper, we talk to local authorities about the next steps beyond channel shift and examine how back office integration can happen so the full benefits can be realised without it costing the earth.

"Channel shift is a lot more than moving things online."
Pete Smart, web manager, Manchester City Council.


Click here to download the white paper