The software

The Capita Mortgage Software Solutions loan origination solution utilises Omiga, a market leading .net mortgage point of sale and application processing system.

The service supports the full loan acquisition process from initial enquiry to release of funds. Highly automated, extensively configurable for our clients and fully integrated, Omiga is designed to allow your customers to choose whichever distribution channel is appropriate to meet their needs. What’s more, it allows them to move seamlessly from one channel to another, if they want and when they want.
Our loan origination platform allows lenders to provide all types of product to all types of Customer bases, from High net worth, through Sub Prime, Buy to Let and Lifetime mortgages.


  • Any volume can be processed efficiently
  • Provides a comprehensive indication of an application's history and current status
  • Online applicants can track their applications using the Case tracking service on the “My Mortgage” page
  • In-branch applicants can track their applications using our enhanced web portal, permiting branch users to view and print a wide range of documents at the time of their generation (e.g. IDD, KFI and AIP)
The way in which we deploy a solution is flexible, allowing you to effectively manage and control any part of the mortgage application process. Everything from initial client referral, point of sale, underwriting, application packaging, issuance of offer to funds release, is included. This process can be delivered by your own staff or as a service from Capita. The choice is yours.