Base - Bibliographic record supply, streamlining acquisitions and cataloguing

Bibliographic record supply, streamlining acquisitions and cataloguing

High quality bibliographic records are essential for an effective library catalogue, helping users find the resources they need.

With the demand for efficiency greater than ever, libraries need a comprehensive source of ready-made records integrated with their acquisitions and cataloguing workflows. This integration will help lower the overall cost of stock procurement, reducing ‘time to shelf’ and freeing staff for improved frontline service delivery.

Capita’s Base application gives your library access to a comprehensive range of high quality bibliographic data, covering materials from the ancient to the not yet published, and from specialist resources to the mainstream. With powerful search options it’s easy to find the record you want from over 30 million available.

Base brings together records from a wide range of sources, including commercial agencies, materials suppliers, national libraries and records co-operatively shared by other libraries. For all types of library, Base delivers exceptionally high hit rates.

With standards-based access, Base can be integrated easily with your acquisitions and cataloguing systems for streamlined search and download of records, without having to leave the main working environment. Libraries with several different library management systems (LMS) are benefiting in this way.

Capita’s Base also supports fully automated searching, triggered by electronic data interchange messages received by the library from materials suppliers. This function delivers maximum efficiencies to the acquisitions and cataloguing workflow.

With subscription-based pricing, you have unlimited use of Base whenever you need bibliographic data to support any of your library processes.

Key benefits of Base

  • Enhances your catalogue with quality bibliographic records, helping users find what they want
  • Minimises the need for local record creation, ensuring materials reach the shelves more quickly
  • Streamlines processing, saving time through integration with acquisitions and cataloguing workflows
  • Frees staff from back office processing tasks to deliver increased frontline services
  • Reduces the overall cost of materials procurement.

If you like the sound of Capita’s Base application, make sure you register for a free trial today.

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