User experience

User experience - A fulfilling online experience for library users

A fulfilling online experience for library users

Today, library users demand a modern library service, whether at home using library services online and or within the library.

Online, web-based services have improved considerably over recent years and Capita is committed to making sure your users’ experience of your library easily meets their modern expectations. Capita makes it easy for users to discover your library resources online. With extensive self-service account access and transactions through integration with the back office system, users are empowered and library staff are freed for more productice service delivery.

Delivering modern library services to the modern library user

At Capita, we believe in giving libraries the power to provide the best possible service to their users.

Capita’s library catalogue software, Prism, features a modern look and feel customisable to your needs. Based on web standards and best practice, it allows you to tailor the appearance to comply with your existing web identity. Capita’s catalogue software includes powerful search technology that can be extended further with enrichments provided by our Additions Partners.

Getting vital information to users quickly and broadening the range of resources available are key attributes to any successful library service, so Capita’s software is aimed at enriching your library catalogue data, allowing you to discover and request holdings across the UK.

Benefits to the library:

  • Improves user experience
  • Raises profile of library service
  • Incorporate organisation branding