Strato - LMS for colleges

Strato - LMS for colleges - Transform your library

Transform your library

Strato, Capita’s library management system for colleges, delivers market-leading functionality, meeting the growing demands of the best college libraries.

Unlike other systems, Strato has been developed with the user firmly in mind. Its attractive, easy to use, yet powerful, discovery interface means students feel immediately at home. What’s more, it's optimised for mobile devices, providing students access when and where it’s convenient for them. And we haven't forgotten about your staff. They're provided with a staff interface that's designed with tablet devices in mind, enabling your team to roam around the library and support your students with any queries they have.

As it's a managed, cloud-based system you can look forward to saving costs associated with running your own servers and managing locally installed software. We can also integrate our library management system with other systems deployed across your college. Helping improve efficiency and delivering a better experience for your students.

Satisfying growing student expectations

Students have never had a greater choice as to where they study, or had so much information to help them make their choice. That’s why it's so important that your college keeps ahead of the game. Offering students the best support and learning experience possible will help you to do this.

Strato is designed to support educational achievement by focusing on the needs of students. Helping them to succeed in their goals and reach their full potential.

Using the right library management system provides the key to an efficient, forward-thinking library: one that creates a productive environment for everyone.

From enabling your students to find library resources, both physical and electronic, quickly and easily wherever they are, to freeing library staff from mundane tasks so they can focus on delivering the best service they can to your students. Capita’s library management for colleges can help transform your students’ experience.

To see how our library management system can help transform the library for your students, get in touch with us today 0870 400 5090 or email us.