Libraries Soprano

The library in your hands

Soprano gives your staff the freedom to access to your library management system (LMS) no matter where they are, enabling them to perform a range of library tasks inside and outside the library walls.

Whether you are looking to register new users at external events, respond to customer queries instantly while walking the library floor or perform a range of stock management tasks at speed while in front of the shelf, Soprano is the answer.

Embracing the latest technology, Soprano is easy to use and easy to access. As a cloud-based service all that’s needed for real-time access to the LMS is a web browser on a PC or tablet device and an internet connection. An offline mode is also available.

Information at your finger tips

Our Circulation module puts information at your librarians’ fingertips and improves the quality of service you provide library users.
With Soprano in their hands, staff can issue and return items, make reservations, register new users, and answer enquiries wherever they are. Accessible on any internet enabled device, circulation tasks can now be completed while on the move, meaning the sight of library staff stuck behind a desk answering queries is a thing of the past.

Taking the library to the community

If you want to take your library services out to the people rather than wait for them to come to you, you can. For example, you can sign up new members at an event, start a pop-up library, or offer a complete library service while on home visits, or out and about in your mobile library.

Stock Management module

Soprano's Stock Management module has been developed to enhance the way you manage your library assets. With nothing more than a tablet in their hands, librarians are provided with all the information they need to perform a range of stock management tasks with ease while at the shelves.

No matter if it’s satisfying reservations with a real-time reservation pick lists, working through a list of unaccounted for items, conducting a live stock check by scanning items at the shelves or updating item statuses quickly with our fast scan functionality: all this and more can be done with ease from one screen.

Real-time stock check at the shelves

Performing real-time stock checks at the shelf couldn't be easier with Soprano. Linking to the LMS in real-time, there is no need for a paper-based system or for trolleys full of books going back and forth across the library to be scanned. Your LMS will automatically update as and when your staff make changes on Soprano, significantly reducing the time taken to complete tasks and making stock taking a much smoother process.

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