Libraries Mobile

Libraries Mobile - Extending the reach of your library service

Extending the reach of your library service

The current economic climate requires creative solutions to maintain and extend the library service. Capita’s Mobile application allows your library services to travel to where your users are and offers a flexible and functional service on arrival.

For libraries, reaching as many people as possible and engaging effectively are extremely important aspects of library services. Some locations have never had a building, such as the local supermarket or garden centre. For others a different location would attract more visitors. Capita’s portable version of Alto, Mobile, delivers the benefits of a fixed branch in the context of a mobile van eliminating your reliance on sporadic wireless connectivity or costly online access.

Capita’s Mobile includes the functionality to register new users quickly and easily, record loan transactions, place reservations and search an offline version of your library’s catalogue without a connection to the main server.

In addition, to meet the demands of a roving service, Mobile allows you to bulk renew a set of transactions based on routes and stops, should the van be unable to reach a location on a given day. The system provides reporting options detailing transaction and borrower statistics that can be analysed to help you assess the relative value of specific routes and scheduled stops.

With Capita’s Mobile, the challenges of extending the service can be met in new and creative ways.

Key benefits of Mobile for libraries:

  • Increases  geographic reach of the library service
  • Gives customers more choice
  • Increases visibility of the library service

For more information about Capita’s Mobile system for libraries, please contact us.