Libraries Message

Libraries Message - Flexible communication methods in libraries

Flexible communication methods in libraries

Today’s library users want fast and convenient ways to interact with your services. You can help meet this demand with Message from Capita.

This software extends the range of communication methods between you and your customers to include text and phone messaging. These communication options are significantly more cost effective and faster than postal notifications, delivering services to your user more quickly and cheaply.

Customer choice

The widespread use of mobile phones and the varied nature of people’s lives mean offering a choice of communication methods is invaluable. Capita’s Message allows you to contact users via text messaging or phone call as an alternative to email or post. For example, this application can be used to communicate about overdue items, recalls and reservations awaiting collection, allowing for prompt message delivery and response. In addition, library users can contact your library by phone to automatically check their account and carry out renewals. It’s easy for users to manage their loans, and this convenience increases the appeal of your services.

Cost savings and timeliness

The flexible communication options within Message are significantly more cost effective than using traditional postal methods. The software transmits messages generated by Alto via audio thus saving on paper, printing, postage, administration and time.

Benefits of Message

  • Save time and money not using postal notifications
  • Increases customer choice
  • Improves service by offering fast communication methods.

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