Income Manager

Income Manager - Efficient income collection in libraries

Efficient income collection in libraries

In the current economic climate libraries are under tremendous pressure to ensure they record their takings as accurately and as efficiently as possible. Capita’s Income Manager software solution for Alto helps your library put the right processes and controls in the right place to simplify payments and auditing.

Achieving more with less

Libraries now supply a large range of services and products resulting in your organisation dealing with more money from a wider variety of sources than ever before but with fewer staff. Tools at your disposal need to streamline payment processes to reduce the likelihood of errors and provide powerful management information..

Capita’s Income Manager integrates seamlessly into Alto workflows reducing the need for re-keying into a stand-alone till. It incorporates all the facilities of a till to deliver flexible payment handling for charges and products, incorporating daily banking and accounting tools.

Working with discrete till drawers and receipt printers, Income Manager networks all your payment points together, allowing accurate, site-wide access to income data. The payment and cashing-up processes are fast and efficient, freeing library staff from time-consuming banking and accounting tasks.

Installed at over 30 libraries, Capita’s Income Manager helps manage your payments and accounting at service points throughout your organisation’s library services. If you’d like to know more contact Capita for a free trial and or take a look at the product brief.