Decisions - Flexibility in management information and reporting for libraries

Flexibility in management information and reporting for libraries

Decisions is Capita’s management information reporting solution for libraries. Decisions can help your organisation understand their services and usage with more timely, accurate and in-depth data.

When it comes to supporting management choices, hard data beats instinct and anecdotal evidence every time. This is true of libraries just as it is true in most other domains. Capita understands that you need good management information for yourself, to inform others and guide the everyday running and future development of your organisation.

Informative data at the touch of a button

Management information requirements are as many and varied as management actions. External pressures such as increasing student expectations or decreasing staff numbers can change management focus, therefore giving rise to new information requirements.

Freedom of Information (FoI) requests in public libraries or sudden requests from senior council or university management can require the creation of wholly novel reports at very short notice.

New initiatives such as the introduction of self-service machines can throw up a need to analyse new data, or old data in new ways. Even “standard” reporting such as CIPFA and SCONUL can vary from year to year.

However, some information needs are perennial, and may require the routine distribution of reports in various formats to multiple recipients.

Powered by a market-leading management information system, Capita’s Decisions software product allows libraries to extract, combine, format and distribute almost any data available from the core library management system (LMS). Data output can be presented in graphical or tabular form, elaborated with key performance indicators, and extended with calculated values. It is possible to highlight values that fall outside expected ranges, add logos and adjust colours, lines, fonts, page layouts etc in order to create reports that are “camera ready” for wide distribution. It is also possible to produce reports that combine LMS data with information mined from other sources

Last but not least, if required, these reports can be distributed automatically in a range of formats to a huge variety of cycles (daily, weekly, monthly etc, or even to a calendar) specified by your organisation, to meet your needs specifically.

Benefits of using Decisions:

  • Improved value of data
  • Save time producing reports
  • Flexible reporting
  • Better informed decision making


If you’re interested, download the Decisions datasheet for more information or:

  • If you are a user of Capita’s LMS but don’t have Decisions and need better Management Information, contact us for more information or a demonstration.
  • If you are a user of Decisions and want to sharpen your report writing or distribution skills join one of our regular webinar or onsite training courses, contact our training team
  • If you have Decisions and you know what reports you want but don’t have time to write them yourself, contact us for about writing reports to your specification.
  • If you are uncertain even about what kind of information to ask for, consider our process review service to help you clarify both the processes you wish to operate and the information needed to monitor and operate them.

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