Libraries Assist Managed Service

Libraries Assist Managed Service

With the experts managing your LMS, you can save 40% of your running costs and experience peace of mind!

Introducing Assist: A managed service to take on the administration for you. Assist Managed Service helps to ensure your library management system is always operating in an optimised condition, offering a robust system for both staff and borrowers alike. What’s more, at the same time as ensuring you’re delivering the best serivce to your users, we can also help you save 40% of your LMS’s administrations costs.

Building on the knowledge, skills and experience of our software developers and support teams, Assist leaves the administration and maintenance of your LMS to the experts. After all, who else is better placed to make sure it’s in the best working order than those who built it?

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Just some of the reasons why to choose Assist Managed Service

  • Your system will run more smoothly with no intervention needed from your own staff
  • Lowers total cost of ownership
  • Performance reports completed faster
  • Significant time and staff resource savings
  • Maintains services and avoids disruption to meet user expectations
  • Upgrades are implemented as soon as they are released, ensuring that the library is taking advantage of the most recent version of the software

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"We know that there is a team of experts looking after the system. Capita has the know-how and resources that we cannot match.”

Katie Smith, digital library service manager, Gloucestershire County Council