Alto - Delivering back office efficiencies through the library management system

Delivering back office efficiencies through the library management system

Today’s financial pressures mean libraries are looking for systems to provide efficient services with limited resources. Alto, Capita’s library management system (LMS), offers streamlined workflows for all library-based requirements and tasks, freeing your staff to focus on delivering frontline services.

Libraries are under increasing pressure to deliver more with less, staff need to focus their attentions in the most critical areas of the library service. Therefore, the systems libraries use to acquire, catalogue and circulate stock need to provide a powerful supporting framework for the work of the library and your staff.

Alto meets these demands through an extensive suite of tailored applications. Capita’s application offers high levels of integration with self-service and back office systems,

At the heart of Capita’s LMS, Alto provides many time saving workflows. Alto offers a flexible and easy to use interfaces, whether it is the automated procurement process, managing loan transactions through self-service machines or working seamlessly with financial and other systems. It is designed to support a multi-site libraries service and is at the heart of several consortia operating in both the public and academic library domains.

Today, Alto is installed at over 100 libraries and is currently tracking the borrowing history of millions of UK citizens and students, helping libraries stock and issue millions of books.

Alto can deliver all these benefits, efficiencies and more to your library. Contact us to find out more.

Capita also provides Alto as a fully hosted LMS, Chorus. Chorus is a next generation library management system (LMS), delivering significant cost savings to modern libraries. This new product redefines the technical architecture of the LMS by allowing Capita to manage and maintain the core system, while still allowing for the flexible configuration libraries need to meet the needs of their users. Read more about Chorus.

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