EDI Orders

EDI Orders enables customers to transmit new orders to suppliers via the Gateway and to confirm orders created via EDI Quotes.


Overview of the process

  • The library creates new orders for the supplier in Alto (or confirms orders generated via EDI Quotes)
  • The order exporter process running on the library's server transmits the orders to the Gateway
  • The Gateway sends the orders to the supplier overnight


  • Your server must be set up to allow transmission of data to the Gateway
  • The order exporter process must be running on the server
  • The supplier must be accredited for EDI Orders – refer to this list of accredited suppliers


The following steps are involved in implementing EDI Orders:
  • Creating a record for the supplier in Alto that contains the supplier's electronic trading number (variously known as a SAN, EAN, GLN or ANA number)
  • Agreeing with the supplier when you will start sending orders via EDI