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Today’s library users have become sophisticated consumers of library services and increasingly expect to have everything a library has to offer at their fingertips.

Users can easily search for content which is available through their library’s discovery tool, typically books, journals and electronic resources. However, these tools do not search all the information and resources that a library has or has access to, such as archives and historical records.

Library Search enhances the discovery experience for library users

By widening the net but narrowing the search, the concept of full library discovery (FLD) takes the unearthing of these resources to the next level by aiming to provide a single search box that enables users to discover absolutely everything the library has to offer.

Capita's Library Search solution enables libraries to make the resources and services they provide more accessible than ever, helping to maximise the value of their library offering.

Now is the time to discover how Library Search from Capita will deliver a more efficient and purposeful discovery experience that reflects the sophisticated needs of today's library users.

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