The library in your hands

Bringing Knowledge to librarians' fingertips with Soprano

"Soprano means we can provide a much better, more professional service to
our customers"
Allison Thomas-Smith, home-visit librarian, Lambeth Council

Today's libraries are embracing the latest tablet and cloud technology to put information at librarians' fingertips. Cloud-based web applications, such as Capita's Soprano, mean that the sight of library staff stuck behind a desk using a PC to answer queries from borrowers is set to become a thing of the past.

Soprano gives librarians the freedom to access their library management system (LMS) from anywhere inside or outside the library, via any type of tablet device, enabling services to be delivered when and where they're needed. Here, three different libraries explain how Soprano is helping them improve their customers' experiences.

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The benefits of Soprano

  • Supports the delivering of library services anywhere, both in and outside the
    traditional library
  • Enables library staff to deliver a higher quality, more responsive service
  • Improves efficiency as staff have live access to the LMS when offsite. An offline mode is provided for when there is no internet connection
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface means minimal training is required
  • Allows libraries to counteract static or falling borrower numbers by becoming more innovative and cutting-edge
  • Circulation and stock management functionality are catered for on the mobile device
  • Can be used on a tablet or a PC, depending on which suits the member of staff.

Students are always really impressed; they like the fact we're using cutting-edge technology and iPads to answer their questions, and they appreciate the immediacy of our answers."
Hazel Seymour, learning resource assistant, University of South Wales