Libraries Workflow

Libraries Workflow - The power of automation

The power of automation

Workflow provides a range of modules that automate specific business processes within your library. It uses web services to integrate library processes with the LMS, eliminating the need to rekey information and ensuring that customer requests are actioned more quickly.

Activities such as creating interlibrary loan requests and registering borrowers can take a long time to complete – time that today’s library staff simply do not have. We have two Workflow modules currently available to libraries:

The Borrower Joining Module streamlines the registration of new borrowers. The borrower’s information is entered on a web form and fed directly into the LMS. It is then a simple task for staff to approve the record, which gives the borrower immediate access to library services.

The ILL Request Module speeds up the processing of interlibrary loan requests. The borrower enters their details and information on the item they require on a web form. This automatically creates a pending ILL request in the LMS for staff to check and authorise.

Benefits for libraries:

  • Streamlines workflows
  • Removes the need to rekey data
  • Ensures a greater level of accuracy in data
  • Saves staff time but maintains staff control
  • Enhances the customer experience