Process Review

Process Review - Improving end-to-end efficiency

Improving end-to-end efficiency

As never before, both public and academic libraries are under pressure to deliver more with less.

Academic libraries are facing rising student expectations and demands, which are expected to rise further. Many public libraries are dealing with the challenge of branch closures and/or the adaptation of library procedures and systems to suit volunteer staff. Implementing effective computer systems along with the appropriate training in the relevant software will help many libraries meet these challenges. However, it is not a complete answer. Libraries need to understand it is essential to adopt a holistic approach to the processes of which the software, hardware and systems are part.

Against this background, Capita offers a Process Review service to libraries looking for an external approach in reviewing their wider operational and management processes. Our Process Review service is flexible and can be tailored to suit the individual needs of each library and organisation.

At one end of the scale, Capita’s library specialists will simply provide onsite training to help staff run their own process improvement project. In other cases, Capita provides onsite facilitation of process review activities.

Benefits of Capita’s Process Review for libraries:

  • Optimises wider library procedures and operations
  • Specialised to just libraries
  • Lower cost than traditional business process re-engineering

Capita brings to any process review extensive knowledge of libraries and experience of what has worked elsewhere. We aim to facilitate a process that helps library staff improve the processes they operate. We don’t see ourselves as “outside experts” bringing you the answer. Capita does not believe that processes can simply be re-designed as a mechanical device, with the consequent changes imposed without any sense of ownership by staff, or the application of their creativity and local knowledge. We ensure our libraries consultants spend time with your organisation to understand your individual challenges and particular processes, ensuring your process review is tailored to you and just you.

Capita’s Process Review service is available to any library, public or academic, regardless of the software systems in operation.. We also consider requests for process review assistance in related areas, such as museums.

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