Tell-us-once integration

Tell Us Once Integration

Tell Us Once is a major programme being led by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to transform the way in which people tell central and local government about changes to their circumstances. Citizens are now able to tell the Government only once about a birth or death and this information is passed on their behalf to other relevant departments.
Libraries everywhere are under pressure to do more with less and making key efficiency savings is more important than ever. With the Keystone Tell Us Once module, the library database is updated automatically once the authorities are made aware of a death.

Benefits to Tell Us Once Integration

  • Avoids sending notifications to deceased borrowers
  • Removes the reliance on repetitive, manual data re-entry, ensuring information integrity and delivering efficiency savings
  • Provides ‘joined-up’ services across the entire council, helping to promote library services and attract new customers
  • Enhanced customer experience across all services.