EDI Invoices for Serials

The EDIFACT INVOIC message is used by subscription agents to send electronic invoices to libraries.

Overview of the process

  • The library uses a subscription agent for the delivery of serials
  • The agent generates an invoice and sends an EDI copy to the Gateway.  More than one invoice may be transmitted at a time
  • The Gateway validates the file as soon as it arrives and forwards it to the library 
  • At the library the LDS creates the invoice(s)
  • When all the invoices in a file have been processed the Gateway emails a report to library staff 



  • You must be on Alto 5.5 or above
  • Your supplier must be accredited with Capita for the implementation of EDI Invoices for Serials
  • Your open orders must contain the Subscription Reference provided for each subscription by the supplier



Capita staff will help you to implement EDI Invoices for Serials. Please raise a case if you are interested in taking this service or if you require more information.


See all Capita Libraries' accredited EDI suppliers