Gateway - Managing the electronic supply chain

Managing the electronic supply chain

Using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to streamline the acquisitions process can deliver significant savings to your libraries, as well as speeding-up the time it takes for stock to reach the shelves.

Capita is currently partnering with over 90 libraries to optimise their acquisitions processing. We have accredited more than 30 suppliers for electronic trading.

Gateway is Capita’s electronic supply chain solution that ensures the whole procurement cycle is delivered efficiently. It automatically transmits orders from Alto directly to suppliers. It also imports EDI quotes, reports, item information and invoices from suppliers into your Capita library management system (LMS).


See all Capita Libraries' accredited EDI suppliers

Key benefits of Gateway EDI:


  • Faster access to data - it's available when you need it with only minimal effort
  • Saves staff time by importing records in bulk.
  • Improves accuracy and reduces the risk of errors by eliminating the need to re-key information

Capita’s Gateway is a unique, fully auditable service that removes all the complexity surrounding EDI standards. Gateway seamlessly integrates with your LMS workflows and provides a fully managed service. Our Support team liaises with suppliers if problems arise, and when you implement a new message a member of our Consultancy team will guide you through the entire process.